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'Lula will have no Chance of Freedom,' Threatens Bolsonaro

  • Supporters of Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva react outside the Superior Court in Brasilia, Brazil April 23, 2019.

    Supporters of Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva react outside the Superior Court in Brasilia, Brazil April 23, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 1 May 2019

Brazil's far-right president causes controversy with his new hatred statements, which do not correspond to his constitutional mandate.

During an interview with local Brazilian media, the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro said Tuesday that his government will work to assure that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva "serves until the last day of prison." 

Lula: ‘Reduced Sentence Unfair For Man Who Committed No Crime’

"As far as we are concerned, he will have no chance of obtaining his freedom," said Bolsonaro, according to Jornal GGN, a Brazilian broadcast company.

Although Lula's freedom does not legally fall under the jurisdiction of Brazil's executive branch, President Bolsonaro took the liberty to comment on the former president's sentence: "Prison should be the place of those who dare to assault our country. ... We will work to ensure the law is enforced and respected. ... (Lula's sentence) will be enforced until its last day."

Rubens Glezer, Brazilian constitution lawyer says the Lula case and legal proceedings is "a partisan judicial coup against the Workers’ Party."

Bolsonaro also commented on the interview granted to Lula to the newspapers Folha de S. Paulo and El Pais last week that took place in the Curitiba's Federal Police prison, where the leftist leader has been staying as a political prisioner since April 2018.

"The Mad Men Bunch: Bolsonaro says he will decide by himself actions against Venezuela; however [Vice president] Mourao and [Lower House president] Rodrigo Maia reply."

"I would never allow anyone convicted to give an interview. I admit that I did not see [it]. He criticized me there. It's business, right. The Workers' Party expected anyone to get the presidency, except me," argued the former army capitan now president. 

During the interview, Lula Da Silva said that "Brazil is currently governed by a bunch of mad men," expressing the sentiments of millions of Brazilians whose economic, cultural, human, health, gender and political rights have been undermined by Bolsonaro's government since he was inaugurated in January. Bolsonaro's approval rating has dropped by 15 points to 34 percent since then.  

Brazilian analyst Luis Nassif told Jornal GGN: "It is time to stop Bolsonaro (because) what is happening are not just public policy mistakes that could be fixed in the next elections, but they are also promoting irreversible changes, which will affect future generations." 

"Labor Day in Anhangabau Valley crowded with lots of 'Free Lula' messages in every song."

Over a year ago, Lula was sentenced by a Porto Alegre federal court to 12 years in prison on alleged corruption and money laundering charges by Judge Sergio Moro who is now Bolsonaro’s Justice Minister.

The Brazilian Superior Justice Court reduced Lula's jail time to 8 years, 10 months April 23. The Workers' Party leader could ask to migrate to a "semi-open arrest" in September.

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