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Lip-Reader Accuses Chile's Colo Colo Goalie of Racist Slur

  • Orion has repeatedly denied the allegation, insisting that media outlets have exaggerated the incident.

    Orion has repeatedly denied the allegation, insisting that media outlets have exaggerated the incident. | Photo: Facebook: Agustin Orion

Published 18 April 2018

During Sunday's game, soccer player Agustin Orion turned to Chile University's Jean Beausejour and allegedly said: "Walk away, monkey."

A lip-reading expert has confirmed that Colo Colo goalkeeper Agustin Orion spat a racial slur at Chile University's Jean Beausejour, despite Orion's denials the incident ever took place.


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In an interview with Canal 13, Marisol Zarate, a lip-reading professional with more than 10 years experience, said that during Sunday's soccer game, Orion turned to the Chilean midfielder and said: "Walk away, monkey."

Orion has repeatedly denied the allegation, saying media outlets have exaggerated the incident: "I represent a club, I have a family. I have codes and principles that I do not change. In my life I would never use any term like they said," said the Argentine goalie, who has threatened legal action to defend his reputation.

"Jean says nothing happened and that's where the discussion should end. What happens on the field, stays on the field... but it was not at all what they believe I said. If it had been like that, I would take charge," the soccer player said.

The Disciplinary Tribunal of the National Professional Football Association (ANFP) is currently analyzing the incident and may yet sanction Orion.

If the report is substantiated, the athlete could merit anywhere from five to ten penalties, which would prevent him from playing.

The Code of Procedure prohibits 'humiliating, discriminating or insulting any person in a way which attacks human dignity for reason of race, color, language, religion or ethnic origin.'

Beausejour has neither confirmed nor denied the incident: "I'm not going to explain in detail what happened on the pitch; sometimes there is a high-caliber debate, you can't filter everything."

The Chile University midfielder is awaiting his own pending suspension for fighting with a referee and his teammate, Mauricio Pinilla.

"This is the supposed video where Agustin Orion calls Jean Beausejour 'Mono'... Watch it and draw your own conclusions; to me the truth is not very clear #LosTenores," a fan writes.
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