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Libya: Fezzan Movement Threatens Shutdown of Largest Oilfield

  • Libya: Movement Threatens Shutdown of Largest Oilfield

    Libya: Movement Threatens Shutdown of Largest Oilfield | Photo: Reuters

Published 9 December 2018

The Fezzan Anger Movement threatens to occupy the El Sharara Libyan oilfield demanding government actions in areas related to post-conflict rebuilding and economic issues. 

On Saturday, the security forces working for the State oil company National Oil Corporation (NOC) threatened a shutdown of the El Sharara oil field, in Libya.

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“We as the force securing the field inform you that the Fezzan Anger Movement entered the field and stopped the production in line with the demands of the movement,” stated a local security unit.

Tribesmen and the Oilfield Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) acting together planned a shutdown of the field to demand “better conditions, including rebuilding towns affected by armed conflicts and providing liquidity for local banks in the South that lack funds,” according to Xinhua news agency.

For its part, the government is warning that the shutdown of the field, the largest of its kind in Libya accounting for nearly a quarter of overall production, would lead to a decline in the country’s daily output by nearly 315,000 barrels.

The oilfield currently remains open but there are fears that tensions could intensify leading to a shutdown, according to NOC.

“We strongly condemn this illegal act and warn all parties of the consequence of their actions,” stated Mustafa Sanalla, NOC chairman.

NOC accuses the security forces of organizing the protest and threatening to close the field.

This is not an isolated event, as PFG forces have held production stoppages both at El Sharara as well as other fields to demand timely salary payments and benefits in recent years.

The tribesmen are villagers who live in the area surrounding the El Sharara field.

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