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Legacy of Hugo Chavez a Force in Venezuela and Latin America

  • The strength of Commander Chavez is a beacon of hope for every free and dignified people in the world

    The strength of Commander Chavez is a beacon of hope for every free and dignified people in the world | Photo: @jaarreaza

Published 5 March 2020

The resistance of the Venezuelan people to the aggressions of the United States is a sign of the validity of the ideals of Commander Chavez.

This March 5 marks seven years of the physical disappearance of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez, who left behind a  legacy of struggle and resistance that is still in force in Venezuela and Latin America.

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The resistance of the Venezuelan people to the constant aggressions of the United States and its regional allies are a sign of the validity of the humanist and social ideals of Commander Chávez.

Through debates, speeches, and political actions, Hugo Chavez was building a project to transform Venezuelan society, seeking to eliminate the structures of the capitalist system and promoting the values ​​of socialism: freedom, equality, solidarity. 

Despite the application of coercive measures, the Venezuelan Government has continued with an in-depth social plan initiated by Commander Chávez to favor the majority of the Venezuelan people.

The continuity of missions such as Great Housing Venezuela, Barrio Adentro, the delivery of food through the supply committee (CLAP), among other social actions, responds to the profound social policy maintained in the more than 20 years of the Bolivarian Revolution.

In his path, Chávez not only aroused the conscience of the people of Venezuela but also embraced the peoples of the region, sowing a legacy of unity and peace in America by re-awakening the dream of Simón Bolívar, which remains until today. 

As in Venezuela, social protests in Chile against the neoliberal model promoted by President Sebastián Piñera are another clear example of how seven years after his death, Chavez's call to oppose antisocial models remains in force.

The recent mobilizations in Colombia and Ecuador demanding profound political and economic reforms from their rulers are a reflection of how Hugo Chávez's ideals inspired Latin American peoples who maintain their struggle for a more balanced society without massive gaps between rich and poor.

During the Government of the Argentinian President Mauricio Macri, there were demonstrations and protests against the neoliberal policies that undermined the social improvements achieved in the years of Kirchnerism.

The constant demonstrations in Argentina in the last four years also responds to the call by Hugo Chavez to face head-on the capitalist model.

Seven years after Chávez's physical departure, those who continue to denounce the excesses of the capitalist model and condemn U.S. interventionism continue to remember the words of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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