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  • Hezbollah fires anti-aircraft missile at Israeli UAV over southern Lebanon.

    Hezbollah fires anti-aircraft missile at Israeli UAV over southern Lebanon. | Photo: Screenshot from Hezbollah missile video

Published 31 October 2019

Hezbollah and Israel were involved in a month-long war in the Summer of 2006, ending in a stalemate after many people were killed.

Hezbollah allegedly downed an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was seen violating Lebanon's southern airspace, Lebanese broadcaster Al-Mayadeen TV reported. 


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The Lebanese channel said the Israeli drone had entered Lebanon's airspace and was spying on Hezbollah's positions before they fired an anti-aircraft missile to bring down this UAV.

Israel’s military confirmed that an anti-aircraft missile was launched from Lebanese territory on Thursday at one of its drones but the unmanned aircraft was not hit.

A military spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces  made the statement on Twitter after Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV reported an Israeli drone was brought down near the town of Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon.

"A short while ago, an anti-aircraft missile was launched over Lebanese territory towards an IDF UAV. The UAV was not hit," the Israeli Defense Forces' spokesperson tweeted. 

The news comes just a week after another drone crashed "adjacent to Israel's border with Lebanon, within Lebanese territory".

The tensions between the countries escalated in August when an Israeli UAV hit Hezbollah's media office near Beirut.

The Israeli government has repeatedly stated that the IDF has a right to maintain freedom of action against Iran and the Lebanon-based movement Hezbollah, and therefore also to send drones across the region. At the same time, Lebanon has repeatedly objected to Israeli operations in its airspace, stating that these violate the country's sovereignty and UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

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