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Latin America Suffers Effects Of North-Prompted Wars: Fernandez

  • President Alberto Fernandez, Argentina.

    President Alberto Fernandez, Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @NewsLatinPress

Published 26 May 2022

The Argentine President argued that the current war in Ukraine increases the Latin American economic recession prompted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

On Thursday, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez called on his regional counterparts to denounce the poverty strengthening in Latin America due to the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict.


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"The north breaks out wars, and we suffer them," Fernandez condemned, arguing that the war in Ukraine currently increases the economic recession prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

"How much longer will our countries be a passive witness to the injustices of a supposedly globalized world, in which we only serve as observers?" he wondered, arguing that crises affect developing countries the most.

Fernandez stressed the need for Latin American states to guarantee free and comprehensive education to all their citizens to promote justice, sustainability, and integration into the globalized world.

He highlighted the impact of the coronavirus-related social isolation measures on regional educational development. "Our children go to class to learn to live in society and the first rules of conduct. The pandemic deprived them of that process," he lamented.

In other remarks, the President considered that all regional authorities should be ashamed of the U.S. politically motivated blockades against Cuba and Venezuela, which he stressed shall not be excluded from the IX Summit of the Americas to be held on June 6-10 in Los Angeles.

Fernandez will receive a U.S. government special adviser for the Summit, Christopher Dodd, to discuss Argentina's position regarding this event and its implications for the region.

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