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Latin America: Impressive Guinness World Records

  • José Castelar Cueto is the Cuban cigar roller with Guinness World Record for the longest cigar in the world. Mar. 2, 2024.

    José Castelar Cueto is the Cuban cigar roller with Guinness World Record for the longest cigar in the world. Mar. 2, 2024. | Photo: X/@GHNordelo5

Published 2 March 2024

The name was taken from one of the most important breweries of that time, Guinness Brewery, owned by Sir Hugh Beaver.

According to the story, the idea of publishing a book like the Guinness World Records, in which data and curious facts that occurred around the world could be collected, arose in the early fifties of the twentieth century. 

Latin American Cinema in First Decade of the 20th Century

A group of friends went hunting in the UK and discussed which was the fastest bird. When one of the hunters was unable to determine which was the fastest, Sir Hugh Beaver decided that a book in which records could be set would be a great idea that could become very popular. 

The idea, which seemed far-fetched to many at the time, would eventually become a reality when Beaver commissioned the original book from the twins Norris and Ross McWhirter, who had founded a documentation agency to provide facts and figures, and who also had a reputation for having a fabulous memory. In Norris McWhirter's own words, his company was in charge of "supplying facts and figures to newspapers, yearbooks, encyclopedias and advertisers." So, without hesitation, Beaver hired them to compile as many facts and figures as possible for inclusion in a single book to be published on August 27, 1955 under the name Guinness Book of Records. 

The name was taken from one of the most important breweries of the time, Guinness Brewery, owned by Sir Hugh Beaver. 

Although the Guinness Book of Records was not originally intended to be sold, but rather as an advertising gift, it ended up becoming the best-selling copyrighted publication in history, with more than 120 million copies. It is second only to the Bible, with more than 4 billion copies printed, and the Koran, with some 800 million.

Some of Latin America’s Achievements in the GR Book

The region is home to some of these amazing records, for example The well-known Cuban tobacco maker José Castelar "Cueto" manufactured the largest tobacco in the world, with 90 meters long. 

In Mexico in September 2017 in the city of Jalisco, the world's largest guacamole was made. The Sierra de Tigre Avocado Packing Plant made the dish, which weighed approximately 2,980 kilos. An estimated 25,200 avocados, 3,500 tomatoes, 3,500 lemons, 3,000 lemons, 750 onions and 90 bunches of cilantro were used to make it, with the participation of more than 815 people, including students from gastronomy schools.

Argentina holds a record for the most pizzas made in 12 hours. The Asociación Propietarios de Pizzerías y Casas de Empanadas de la Argentina lived up to its name with an appetizing record on November 11, 2018. In addition to preparing 11,089 pizzas in half a day, this Buenos Aires-based institution also managed to serve more empanadas in eight hours (11,472). All proceeds raised went to charity.

Ecuador was able to set a record with the largest floral decoration, using a total of 546,364 roses. The final work, made by some 1,500 volunteers, included a pyramid of Cochasquí, one of the icons of the region's rich archaeological heritage.

In the current year, new approaches are already being prepared to break records and set new ones. In future articles, we will talk about the winners.


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