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Latin America Hails Castillo's Proclamation as Peru's President

  • Pedro Castillo, Lima, Peru, July 2021.

    Pedro Castillo, Lima, Peru, July 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @Punto_deCorte

Published 20 July 2021

Mexico's President congratulated the Peruvian electoral authorities and people "for having defended the popular will and democratic institutions".

On Monday, international organizations and Latin American governments hailed the proclamation of leftist political leader Pedro Castillo as president-elect of Peru.


Pedro Castillo Officially Declared President of Peru

"In this new political cycle that is opening, President Nicolas Maduro congratulates the president-elect of the Republic of Peru Pedro Castillo and his Free Peru party, wishing them much wisdom in the direction of the destinies of that sister and beloved nation," Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Ministry stated.

"The humble, the men and women of the countryside, teachers, the working class, the youth, and the Indigenous peoples decided to be protagonists. With their votes, they set the course that Peru will follow towards a new horizon of hope, justice, and equality", it added.

"I want to reiterate my congratulations to Pedro Castillo, who was democratically elected and proclaimed president of our Peruvian brothers. Together we will work for a united Latin America", Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez said.

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador congratulated the Peruvian electoral authorities and people "for having defended the popular will and democratic institutions". He also called to define as soon as possible priorities for a regional and international agenda in favor of the Latin American peoples.

From Bolivia, President Luis Arce's Foreign Affairs Ministry sent its "most sincere congratulations on the proclamation" of Castillo as president-elect of Peru and added that "Bolivia wishes him success during his administration."

Once Peruvian electoral authorities officially declared the results of the election, the United States and its regional allies also congratulated Castillo's victory.

"I congratulate Pedro Castillo on his electoral victory," Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary Luis Almagro said, adding that his institution will strengthen its relations with the Peruvian government that will take office on July 28.

The U.S. Embassy in Lima praised Peru for "the successful presidential elections" and said it looks forward to a strengthening of "deepening bilateral ties".

"I extend my congratulations to the Peruvian people at the end of the democratic day. Success in your administration President Pedro Castillo. We look forward to strengthening relations between Ecuador and Peru with openness, cooperation, and dialogue," Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso tweeted.

"We congratulate Pedro Castillo on his proclamation as President Elect. Chile hopes to continue working to strengthen the integration agenda that unites us with our sister Republic of Peru," Chile's Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

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