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  • The measure to streamline Chinese tourism will begin March 1.

    The measure to streamline Chinese tourism will begin March 1. | Photo: Archive

Published 29 February 2016

The new government measure which takes effect on March 1 aims to increase Chinese tourism to Ecuador.

Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry has announced it’s eliminating the tourist visa for Chinese citizens in an effort align itself with the constitutional principles of human mobility and the improve bilateral relations China.

The measure will provide an incentive to increase tourist flows to Ecuador and benefit domestic companies and is set to begin March 1.

Ecuador will exempt Chinese citizens from the requirement of entry, exit, and transit visas throughout its territory by a maximum stay of 90 days, counted from the date of first entry to the date of final departure. This measure includes non-profit activities and tourism activities.

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Similarly, the ministry emphasized that citizens of the People's Republic of China who intend to enter and remain in Ecuadorean territory for longer than 90 days or for various activities to tourism or related must apply for and receive a visa before entry into the country.

The announcement comes as Ecuador attempts to create stronger business relations with China. Early last year in January, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa traveled to Beijing, a trip that yielded over US$7 billion in financial assistance.

Last October, China agreed to help finance a number of hydroelectric plants in Ecuador, the result of a meeting in Beijing between the two countries’ foreign ministers.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had previously said China would like to pursue “a more aggressive policy as regards the industrialization of Ecuador.” Ninety-one Chinese companies are currently operating in Ecuador, mainly in sectors such as construction, mining and technology.

China has been rapidly increasing its investments in power plants and infrastructure projects throughout the Americas

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