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LIVE: Ukrainian Officials Confirm Russia's Capture of Kherson

  • barricades built in front of the regional state administration in Lviv, Ukraine 02 March 2022

    barricades built in front of the regional state administration in Lviv, Ukraine 02 March 2022 | Photo: EFE/EPA/Vitaliy Hrabar

Published 2 March 2022

Venezuela says despite sanctions it will maintain trade at all levels with Russia - Ecuadorian fish farmers expect a drop in shrimp sales to Russia and Ukraine due to conflict - the U.S. remains open to diplomacy with Russia, says Blinken - No-fly zone in Ukraine would draw U.S. into war with Russia, Pentagon says

00:00 EST:

Russian Duma proposes to introduce criminal liability for false news about Russian Army

Several Russian deputies submitted to the State Duma (lower house of the Russian Parliament) amendments on criminal liability for the deliberate spreading of false information about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces.

According to one of their authors, the head of the Duma for security, Vasily Piskariov, the creation and propagation of false information in this regard will be punishable by three years' imprisonment.

If a person commits these actions with the use of his official position or the Internet, he will face 5 to 10 years in prison, and if the publications have dangerous consequences for society, 15 years.

21:15 EST:

Ukrainian officials confirm fall of Kherson to Russian hands

Ukrainian officials on Wednesday night confirmed the Russian army's capture of Kherson, a port city of 290,000 inhabitants in the south of the country.

"The occupants are in all parts of the city and are very dangerous," the head of the regional administration, Gennady Lakhuta, said on Telegram. In the morning, Moscow had announced its control over this city. 

21:00 EST:

U.S. remains open to diplomacy with Russia, says Blinken

The United States remains open to the diplomatic track with Russia in the framework of the conflict with Ukraine, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday.

"The United States continues diplomatic efforts. We keep the doors open for a diplomatic path," Blinken told a press conference.

Uruguayan Press Association condemns suspension of Russian signal on state-owned platform

The Uruguayan Press Association (APU) expressed its concern Wednesday over the suspension of the Russian channel Russia Today (RT) from the streaming platform of the state-owned telephone company Antel.

"The CDC (Central Directive Council) of APU expresses its concern over the decision of Antel president Gabriel Gurméndez to remove RT (Russian signal) from the Vera TV grid and condemns the persecutory action of the social network Twitter against several journalists from Uruguay and the region," the organization wrote on its Twitter account.

In a statement, the APU considered "inadmissible this act of plain and simple state censorship of an international media outlet that disseminates information from one of the parties to the conflict in question."

"Beyond the government's position on the conflict, the State as such should not incur in a decision that directly affects the right of Uruguayan citizens to seek and receive information from all sources they deem relevant".

Prensa Latina denounces European censorship of RT and Sputnik as a threat to objectivity

The Latin American news agency Prensa Latina denounced on Wednesday that the censorship promoted by the European Union against the Russian media RT and Sputnik is an attack against informative objectivity and the rights of its professionals.

"The actions adopted in recent days by the EU bloc and digital platforms against these journalistic organizations move away from confronting false news and deprive objectivity in information," said Luis Enrique González, president of Prensa Latina.

González added that such boycott deprives audiences of access to alternative news and visions to those disseminated by Western information monopolies, at a time when the conflict in Ukraine is the focus of the world's attention.

19:30 EST:

No-fly zone in Ukraine would draw US into war with Russia, Pentagon says

Establishing a no-fly zone in Ukraine, as requested by the Kiev government, would draw the United States into a war with Russia, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Wednesday.

"(U.S.) President (Joe) Biden has been clear that U.S. troops will not fight Russia in Ukraine, and if a no-fly zone is established, surely for that no-fly zone to be enforced, you have to come into contact with Russian aircraft, and again, that would put us at war with Russia," Austin said in an interview with NBC.

19:00 EST:

Venezuela says despite sanctions it will maintain trade at all levels with Russia

Despite unilateral sanctions against Russia, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that he will maintain trade exchanges at all levels with the Eurasian country.

"Modestly, Venezuela is going to maintain all its trade at all levels. The economic war is the main war that imperialism is waging against Russia to destroy it," the president said.

The Venezuelan president denounced the existence of an economic war against Russia with the aim of destroying it.

Ecuadorian fish farmers expect a drop in shrimp sales to Russia and Ukraine due to conflict

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine could slow down the external sales of Ecuadorian shrimp to those countries, said a leader of the aquaculture sector on Wednesday.

"In the coming weeks there will be a loss of profits because the shrimp sector exports more or less 12 million dollars a month to Russia," said the executive president of the National Chamber of Aquaculture of Ecuador, Jose Antonio Camposano, to the Teleamazonas television network.

The union leader expressed his concern about what might happen to the financial entities that can no longer make payments with the Swift system, the payment platform that connects some 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and serves as the basis of the international financial system.

An additional problem is that most of the wheat used for shrimp farming comes from Russia and Ukraine.

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