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Kast “Will Only Bring Instability, More Hatred and Violence” to Chile, Says Boric

  • 30 thousand people gathered to come out in support of Gabriel Boric at his campaign's closing

    30 thousand people gathered to come out in support of Gabriel Boric at his campaign's closing | Photo: Prensa Gabriel Boric

Published 16 December 2021

Leftist presidential candidate Gabriel Boric said Thursday as he closed his campaign that his rival in Sunday's ballot, Jose Antonio Kast, "will only bring instability, more hatred and violence" to Chile.

"We are the heirs of those who have fought to make Chile a more just and dignified country," Boric said at a massive rally.

In Almagro Park, a few blocks from the presidential palace of La Moneda, Boric closed his campaign for the second round, in which he will face the far-right José Antonio Kast, with a very close result, according to polls.

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In the first round of November 21, Kast won 27.9% of the votes. Boric, who at 35 years of age reaches the minimum age to run for the Presidency, came in second place with 25.8% of the votes.

Boric is part of the coalition Apruebo Dignidad, which brings together the Frente Amplio -of which he is a member- and the Communist Party. In this second round, he managed to align all parties from the center to the left behind his figure.

In front of his supporters, the candidate listed the central promises of change of his campaign and attacked the program and the figure of his opponent.

"Does anyone believe that a person like him could really bring order to this country? He is only going to bring instability, more hatred and violence. Our path is another one," Boric affirmed amidst a multitudinous ovation.

"Kast's program is really worrying. Kast's program is really violent; it is violence against women, it is violence against native peoples, it is violence against diversities, and it is violent against the human rights of all," added the candidate.

Boric promised to establish a 40-hour workweek (versus the current 45), to promote "green development" to create 500,000 jobs for women and a national care system. Also, a substantive change to the private pension and health systems so that there will never again be discrimination between rich and poor.

"Our path is peace. To reconnect with Chile, we need social justice and not violence. There is no clearer formula for instability than leaving everything as it is, which is what José Antonio Kast ultimately proposes," said Boric, describing his opponent - who was closing his campaign in an affluent neighborhood in eastern Santiago - as the heir of Pinochet.

"We are going to make the changes that Chile needs despite those who oppose it because Chile has been demanding it for many years," closed the candidate.

Former student leader, Boric jumped into politics at the age of 27, when he became a deputy.

Boric was born in the southern city of Punta Arenas, 3,000 km south of Santiago, into a middle-class family of Croatian and Catalan great-grandparents. He is the eldest of three brothers and emigrated to Santiago to study law at the University of Chile, but has not yet graduated.

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