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Kanye West for President in 2020 and other Top Trending Topics

  • Tweet of support march in Venezuela taken by @jdavidcabello.

    Tweet of support march in Venezuela taken by @jdavidcabello. | Photo: @jdavidcabello

Published 1 September 2015

Venezuela continues to be a trending topic, with social media users expressing solidarity with the country and support for President Nicolas Maduro.

​Kanye West- Following an award acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards (VMA's) ceremony, the highly successful rapper announced he will run for president in 2020. The White House put out a statement “welcoming” the 38-year old musician. Social media has exploded with reactions to the artist's declaration.

Although, according to Reuters, most viewers saw West's presidential declaration as a joke, a Maryland college student on Monday filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to set up a political action committee called Ready for Kanye.

Eugene Craig III, 24, chairman of the Young Minority Republicans Fund, told Reuters he hoped West would consider running as a Republican in 2020.

"We think he is a champion of a lot of issues and he has an interesting perspective. (The PAC) is not just a joke," said Craig, a student at Bowie State University.

#VzlaEjemploDiplomatico (Venezuela, the diplomatic example) - Amidst the decision to close the border with Colombia, Venezuela's citizens speak out in support of the country's actions. Paramilitaries have been smuggling cheap food and supplies from Venezuela and then sold in lucrative Colombian black markets. Venezuela’s opposition have lambasted the border closure, calling into question the morality of such a move. The meme states: “The Opposition when I talk about the Guarimbas (blockades during which 49 people were killed in 2014), contraband, and paramilitaries.”

#TeamKenya- Kenya comes out on top in the 2015 World Athletics Championship held in Beijing, China. The country brought home seven gold medals at the end of the competitions, leaving Jamaica and the U.S. in second and third place, respectively.

“Our young people have once again shown that they are as good as the world’s best and brightest,” the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta said.

Ben Carson- Neurosurgeon and Republican party presidential hopeful Ben Carson has surged in popularity, tying with Donald Trump in Iowa. The Monmouth University poll indicates that Trump and Carson are tied at 23 percent.

Windows 95- The computer operating system turns 20 this month. Considered an incredible success, the OS is credited with being one of the most accessible systems to users at the time. Many OS systems of today are still structured based on the principles of Windows 95.

The following video of a real life subway surfer, Pasha Bumchik, who takes a very risky ride on the top of high-speed train, has gone viral. The video was uploaded Aug. 29 and has already had over 1.7 million views. Check it out.

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