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  • "SuperBolivar" is the heroe of the new video game based on the life of the Liberator of America, Simon Bolivar. | Photo: @lajornada

Published 14 October 2015

South American Liberator Simon Bolivar is the protagonist of the new video game "The Dream of Bolivar," in which “SuperBolivar” no longer gallops on a white horse, but rather flies.

Venezuelan video game developers presented a new game inspired by South American Liberator Simon Bolivar Tuesday. The game is called “SuperBolivar” and features an animated Bolivar, who flies throughout the country spreading symbols of Venezuelan patriotism and defending independence.

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"We want to present ‘SuperBolivar,’ a superhero who will beat Spiderman," said developer Ray Acedo amid laughs at the National Institute of Socialist Education and Training. "He moves through the (country's) eight provinces to liberate the country. "

According to Acedo, the game was developed with free software to run on the Canaima computers that have been distributed in schools across the country as part of programs promoted by the Venezuelan government.

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The game was presented during Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's weekly program this Tuesday.

Maduro called it a "very positive" project, because it encourages children "to learn about a hero in flesh and blood."

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