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Japanese Medical Universities Favoring Men 'Betrayed' Japanese Women

  • Japanese Women ‘Betrayed’ by Universities Favoring Men

    Japanese Women ‘Betrayed’ by Universities Favoring Men | Photo: Reuters

Published 12 December 2018

Two Japanese medical schools have rigged tests against women because they want more men to enter the medical profession. 

Two Japanese medical schools say they have manipulated exam scores to ensure that more men enter the medical profession.

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Kitasato University and Jutendo University said they rigged exams scores by setting a lower pass mark for men.

Their statements show a limited sense of their wrongdoing, “At the time, we judged that the measure was reasonable at our university’s discretion...We will end the practice now that it has been pointed out that it was inappropriate,” Hajime Arai, president of Jutendo University said.

“Women mature faster mentally than men, and their communication ability is also higher by the time they take the university exam,” and “In some ways, this was a measure to help male applicants, ”Hiroyuki Daida, dean at Jutendo told reporters.

The dean also alleged the discrimination had to do with an insufficient school-dorm inability to accommodate female students.

These are not isolated cases. Tokyo Medical University also altered exam scores for longer than a decade. The University’s excuse was that women doctors are likely to quit the profession at the time of starting their families which creates staff shortages.

This triggered suspicions that other school may have been doing the same.

Women felt “betrayed” and demanded reparation to schools on grounds that they experienced “emotional distress.” Due to this, 24 women sued Tokyo Medical for the sum of US$881,224 each and demanded it returned their exam fees and travel expenses.

Statistics revealed that Tokyo University had rejected 165 applicants, 121 women among them, since 2017. The women had actually performed better than their male counterparts, according to The Guardian.

The education minister has started an investigation into 81 universities as a response to the accusations.

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