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Italy’s Cabinet Declares State of Emergency for Six Months

  •  Migrants arriving Italy. Apr. 12, 2023.

    Migrants arriving Italy. Apr. 12, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@BorderHawkNews

Published 12 April 2023

"...attributed to the extraordinary surge of migrants arriving via Mediterranean routes..."

The Cabinet of Italy has officially declared a state of emergency for a duration of six months due to the significant influx of migrants into the country.


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On Tuesday, media sources in Italy reported that an estimated three thousand undocumented migrants had made their way to Italy via the Mediterranean Sea within the preceding seventy-two hours.

The Italian Council of Ministers announced a national state of emergency for a duration of six months, as per the press office of the Italian government's statement, attributed to the extraordinary surge of migrants arriving via Mediterranean routes in the country.

On Tuesday, during a meeting, the Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Piantedosi, expounded on the matter of Migration flows in the Apennines, noting that there has been a pronounced surge in such flows since the onset of 2023.

The aforementioned circumstance resulted in a pressing predicament at several provisional lodging facilities designated for migrants, notably within the confines of the Lampedusa island.

The current circumstance required the prompt implementation of emergency measures to rectify the unsettled situation in the referred "hot spot" where a population of 1,800 refugees was being sheltered, despite the fact that the facility had the capacity to only accommodate 400 individuals.

At the behest of the Italian Civil Protection and Maritime Policies Minister, Sebastiano Musumeci, the council opted to proclaim a nationwide state of emergency.

According to the statement, the Italian government elected to appropriate a sum of 5 million euros ($5.46 million) from the National Emergency Fund, with the proviso that an exhaustive appraisal of the authentic fiscal necessities relating to the resolution of the migration crisis is awaiting determination.

The most recent noteworthy surge of migrants was documented towards the conclusion of March, wherein a staggering 6,500 refugees hailing from Asia and Africa arrived at the Italian coast over a span of five days. Since the beginning of this year, the influx of migration has expanded by four times, with an approximate volume of nearly 30,000 migrant individuals having already accessed entry into the country.

The Apennine Peninsula's daily illicit migration flow has garnered attention from domestic political discussions in Italy after a ship carrying refugees that sank during  a storm in the Ionian Sea on the night of February 26 this year.

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