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  • Neo-fascists holding the flag of Ordine Nuovo

    Neo-fascists holding the flag of Ordine Nuovo | Photo: Twitter @contropiano

Published 23 December 2014

A far-right group planned to kill politicians and immigrants during Christmas.

Italian police arrested 14 people and placed 44 others under investigation Tuesday after authorities detected a plot planned by the neo-fascist group Ordine Nuovo.

The police explained that the arrests were the result of an ongoing operation. Police agents infiltrated the neo-fascist group two years ago and were able to collect the information necessary to stop the plot.

The neo-fascist group was planning to launch a coordinated series of attacks against immigrants and political targets, including magistrates. 

Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica said the suspects had discussed killing politicians, “10, 11 at a time.” 

The plot also included institutions such as the Equitalia tax collection agency and the Italian railway. Some attacks were planned to happen over the Christmas holiday.

Ordine Nuovo operates in north and central Italy and according to reports has been stockpiling weapons over a period of time to “destabilize public order.” The group coordinated its plans through social media.

The authorities had been monitoring recent arms acquisitions made by the group and decided to make a move this week after the group planned to raid the home of a weapons collector.

The 14 arrested members of the group will have to face charges on attempted terrorism, attempted subversion of democracy, instigating racial violence, among others.

The Ordine Nuovo organization was founded in 1956 in a bid to reform the country’s Fascist Party. The group was accused of being behind several bombings in the early 1970s. It was officially dissolved by the Italian government in 1973.

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