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Israeli Soldiers Fire on Unknown Gunmen at Syria Border

  • Israeli soldiers stand atop tanks in the Golan Heights near Israel's border with Syria March 19, 2014

    Israeli soldiers stand atop tanks in the Golan Heights near Israel's border with Syria March 19, 2014 | Photo: Reuters file.

Published 24 December 2018

Israeli soldiers fired upon alleged gunmen, without knowledge of their intentions or identity, taking refuge in a United Nation's cease-fire agreement which demarcates the Syrian Golan Heights border as a buffer zone.

Israeli troops fired at alleged “gunmen” near the Syrian border without knowing exactly if they had intentions to enter their territory.

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News agencies reported that Israeli soldiers have fired on “several gunmen” at the border with Syria in the Golan Heights.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stated they had spotted suspects carrying weapons who had crossed a buffer zone near a border fence into Israeli territory.

The Israeli military justified this belligerent action by stating that the buffer zone had been established by the United Nations as part of a 1974 cease-fire.

The specifics of the attack are not yet clear. The IDF has been unable to confirm if any of the gunmen were hit, according to Haaretz. However, it is known that the men did not cross into Israeli territory and the army is assessing what their actual intentions were.

The incident took place during the context of the recent announcement of the United State’s withdrawal of troops from Syria.  

Israel is relying on a United Nation’s resolution to substantiate its justification to attack the alleged gunmen. However, the country has an extensive track record of violating international law. The case in point is the siege in the Gaza Strip since 2007 which has caused 1.8 million Palestinians to exist under a regime of land, sea, and air closure, on the cusp of a humanitarian crisis.

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