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Israeli Police Evict Palestinians From Home Without Notice

  • A Palestine kid is being harassed by Israeli police when he protested against his family's eviction.

    A Palestine kid is being harassed by Israeli police when he protested against his family's eviction. | Photo: Facebook / Days of Palestine

Published 18 February 2019

A Palestinian family in East Jerusalem was evicted Sunday by Israeli Police. Jewish settlers took over the house.

Israeli police evicted a Palestinian family from their home Sunday in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City. The Jewish settlers occupied their home after the Israeli Supreme Court ruled in favor of the settlers.


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The police clashed with the Palestinians and also guarded the Israeli settlers.

"We live there, it's my house, it's my whole life," said Rania Abu Assab who lived in the house with her family.

"They took everything," she added as they were forced to leave behind all of their possessions.

Assab’s husband and son were also arrested after being physically assaulted by the Israeli forces.

An Israeli watchdog group Ir Amim reported Feb. 3 that the family was served an eviction notice according to which they had till Feb. 28 to vacate the property.

According to Palestinian sources, the Abu Assad family had lived in the home for the last three generations since 1952.

The court ruled in favor of the settlers based on the “Absentee Property Law.”

Peace Now, an Israeli NGO said that the home originally belonged to a Jewish family which fled during the 1948 war during which East Jerusalem was occupied by Jordan until 1967, after which it was seized by Israel upon occupation of Palestine.

The Abu Assad family used to live in another neighborhood until 1948 when they had to move.

"The court granted the settlers the house and the Abu Assab family became refugees for the second time," Peace Now said.

“ Israeli forces raided my home with no prior notice. We thought they came to deliver a new notice regarding our home, but to our surprise, we were given little time to abandon our home,” Rania said.

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