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  • Israeli Elections 'Too Close to Call' Exit Polls Show
Published 9 April 2019

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu may suffer his first major defeat in the polls as his opponents from the Blue and White Party lead by one vote.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's governing right-wing Likud Party appeared almost neck and neck with his main centrist rival for seats in parliament on election day, varying exit polls indicated.


Bernie Sanders Hopes for Netanyahu’s Loss in Israeli Election

After a tightly-fought race with former general Benny Gantz, the preliminary polls, all giving slightly different projections, mean Netanyahu, 69, is on course to continue leading the Israeli government, securing a record fifth term and becoming Israel's longest-serving prime minister in the summer.

According to the latest polls, Netanyahu's Likud Party has 36 votes, while their opponents from the Blue and White Party, led by Benny Gantz, leads with 37. 

Should the Likud Party lose the election, this will mark the first time since 2009 that Benjamin Netanyahu has not held the title of Israeli Prime Minister. 

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