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Israel Fires Three Rounds of Artillery Into Lebanon

  • The sign reads, “Beirut outraged! Beirut shattered! Beirut martyred! When will Beirut be liberated?”

    The sign reads, “Beirut outraged! Beirut shattered! Beirut martyred! When will Beirut be liberated?” | Photo: Twitter/ @nathalie_duplan

Published 4 August 2021

This attack occurs precisely when the Lebanese remember the victims of the explosion that took place in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020.

On Wednesday, Israel launched three rounds of artillery into Lebanon in retaliation for an alleged attack with rockets from this country. There were no immediate reports of injuries.


Israel Shells Southern Lebanon and Blames Palestinians for It

"For the third time within two hours, the Israel Defense Forces struck along the Lebanese border," an Israeli military spokesperson said.

The Israeli attack occurs precisely on the day when Lebanon's Christian and Muslim religious authorities officiated a ceremony to pay tribute to the victims of the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut a year ago, a tragic event that left over 200 dead and the city partially in ruins.

In the presence of relatives of the victims, this religious ceremony was held a few meters from the silos containing ammonium that exploded for reasons not yet fully clarified.

The tweet reads, "March near the port of Beirut to commemorate the gigantic explosion of August 4, 2020, which destroyed whole sections of the Lebanese capital."

This ceremony also took place in the midst of massive demonstrations that ran through the streets of the city demanding justice.

During his speech, Cardinal Bechara Rai reminded politicians that "it is the duty of all people" to appear before Justice and that "all immunities fall before the blood of martyrs."

"It is shameful that the authorities evade the investigation under the guise of immunity... People want facts," he said, referring to the obstructions to the explosion investigations that have been denounced by local and international organizations.


Bechara Rai
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