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Iran's President Issues Solidarity Statement With US Protesters

  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani | Photo: Twitter/@taushif_m

Published 4 June 2020

The President of Iran expressed sympathy with those who demonstrate in the United States against racism, as well as condemned the repression of the protests.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed his solidarity with the oppressed people of the United States on Thursday, calling on Washington to end their hostile policies towards the people of their own country.


Iran Calls on the US to Stop Internal Oppression

“The United States is now in one of the worst conditions in its political and social history. We are witnessing great oppression towards blacks and people who reject the White House's thinking (…) We sympathize with the American people and with those protesting in the streets, and condemn the crimes ordered from the White House, ”according to the IRNA agency.

The statement was made during the opening ceremony for various projects.

What Rohani said, as previously published by Javad Zarif, refers to the recent anti-racist mobilizations that have taken place in various locations in the United States after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“It doesn't matter if the murdered was Muslim, Christian, American, or non-American; the main problem is that the American police committed a deliberate homicide," Rouhani said.

Rohani, in his speech, went further and described the violent police repression against the protests as “shameful”, especially in the U.S. capital; as well as President Donald Trump posing in a church with the Bible in hand, in the midst of the current situation, as if it were a political amulet. 

“The Bible is a holy book that invites people to peace and goodness; It is shameful that the U.S. President use the Bible to order crimes and murders against American citizens, "concluded the Iranian leader.

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