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Iran: Sending Rocket to Space While Nuclear Talks Are Held

  • Simorgh rocket launched to space by Iran. Dec. 30, 2021.

    Simorgh rocket launched to space by Iran. Dec. 30, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/@planet4589

Published 30 December 2021

According to media reports, while talks are being held in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal, Iran has sent three research devices to space using a satellite carrier rocket called Simorgh.

Media reports say that while the talks are being held in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal, Iran launched the Simorgh rocket to space with three research devices.


Iranian FM Says Vienna Talks on “Good Path”

According to the report, the exact time of the launch is unknown, neither what kind of devices were carried nor if any of the objects entered orbit around the Earth. 

Ahmad Hosseini, the Iranian Defense ministry spokesman, stated that the “performance of the space center and the performance of the satellite carrier was done properly,” referring to the satellite carrier rocket, whose name translates as “Phoenix.” Indicating there would be more launches in the future, he described this one as  “initial.”

“The research goals foreseen for this launch have been achieved,” added Hosseini, excluding the nature of the investigation. Iranian media have already released the future launches planned by the country’s civilian space program.

Washington's concerns have awoken with the blast-offs related to the possibility that the technology used to launch satellites may improve Iran's ballistic missile development.

According to a U.S. State Department spokesperson, the White House kept abreast of the launches' reports, adding that they violated the  United Nations Security Council resolution of 2015 on nuclear deals.

The spokesperson declared, "The United States remains concerned with Iran's development of space launch vehicles, which pose a significant proliferation concern."

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