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  • Journalist Carmen Aristegui is interviewed after learning MVS had fired her.

    Journalist Carmen Aristegui is interviewed after learning MVS had fired her. | Photo: Reuters

Published 18 March 2015

The hashtag #InDefenseOfAristegui was trending topic worldwide with over a million tweets using it.

Social movements, organizations and people both in Mexico and around the world continue to condemn the firing of renowned journalist Carmen Aristegui.

Aristegui, an investigative journalist, was fired Monday after she expressed her public support for "Mexicoleaks," a journalist-led project that seeks to become a platform for whistleblowers to leak sensitive information regarding corruption and other issues happening throughout the country.

Over a dozen Mexican social movements and organizations signed an open letter published Wednesday in support of Aristegui and in rejection of MVS network's decision to fire the critical journalist.

"Our country is entangled in a web of violence, corruption, traffic of influences, conflicts of interests and now censorship," the letter says.

Meanwhile, a group of journalists and feminist experts from around the world expressed their support for Aristegui during a session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, celebrated Tuesday in New York. They consider the case a violation against freedom of expression in Mexico.

The hashtag #InDefenseOfAristegui has become a trending topic worldwide, with over a million people showing their support for the fired journalist.

The Mexican Senate announced it will set up a commission to investigate the case, and opposition lawmakers are urging congress to give the journalist a televised slot in the state-owned TV channel Capital 21.

Two further journalists were also fired Tuesday from MVS network, allegedly for showing their support for Aristegui.

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