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Indigenous Leaders Meet in Defense of the Amazon in Brazil

  • Chief Raoni Metuktire. Jul. 25, 2023.

    Chief Raoni Metuktire. Jul. 25, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@teleSURtv

Published 25 July 2023

"We could only get here after many struggles"

Indigenous leaders in Brazil are meeting from this Monday until next Friday to continue positioning themselves in the defense of the Amazon and for the rights of indigenous peoples.

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"We could only get here after many struggles", emphasized in the opening speech of the meeting the chief Raoni Metuktire, main leader of the Kayapó ethnic group in the meeting "The call of the chief Raoni: great meeting of leaders guardians of Mother Earth".

The unprecedented meeting in the Amazon, convened by Raoni Metuktire, expects to gather until Friday about 600 leaders, although initially the space will focus on the training of young leaders, indigenous cosmology and the fight against climate change. 

Similarly, information platforms confirmed the participation of indigenous leaders from Brazil, such as Ailton Krenak, Bemoro Metuktire, Puiu Txucarramãe, Yabuti, Bepdjai Metikure and Koti Metikure, who also recalled on Monday the struggles of their peoples for the land.

The objective of the meeting is to strengthen the political articulation of the indigenous movement, especially in relation to the defense of the territories and the Amazon rainforest, in a context where in the first six months of 2022 the Amazon had already lost 3,988 kilometers.

Also, the meeting propitiates the debate about the Temporary Framework, where some ethnic groups that try to recover lands from which they were expelled and which they did not occupy in 1988, can lose them definitively.

"If we cannot take care of our lands and forests and let them deforest everything, we will all suffer from climate change", said Raoni Metuktire in a video promoting the meeting.

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