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    Musicians who will be performing at a "free elections" concert in Rio de Janeiro. | Photo: Rio do Directas Ja, Concert Promotion

Published 27 May 2017

Former Brazilian President Lula said he would rather “lose 10 democratic elections than win a single indirect election.”

Several popular musicians from Brazil will take the stage in Rio de Janeiro to demand free elections and the reestablishment of democratic rights in Brazil Sunday.

'Out Temer, Elections Now!': New Round of Protests Hit Brazil

The concert titled, "Rio do Directas Ja," or "Rio for Our Rights Now," will take place on Copacabana Beach with performances by Mano Brown, Mart'nalia, Maria Gadu, Caetano Veloso, Criolo, Teresa Cristina, Mosquito, Cordão da Bola Preta, Bnegano, as well as other artists.

The impetus of the public concert is to demand the removal of Brazilian President Michel Temer and the scheduling of free, democratic elections.

Event organizers, which include Popular Brasil and People Without Fear, stress that the concert is being held in respect of democracy, adding that Michel Temer is no longer acceptable or sustainable as president.

“This movement is very important and necessary for our country,” said Brazilian singer and actress Emannuelle Araujo. She encouraged the people to take to the streets to “fight for our right to change the mess the government has transformed the country into.”

Meanwhile, Brazilian actor Vladimir Brichta posted a message on social media in support of the concert and the right of people to democratically elect a new president.

Alluding to the possibility of a new president being selected by the Brazilian Congress, Brichta said, “We won't leave this decision in the hands of Congress. We are all aware that Temer will fall. That's no longer the debate. But don't be fooled, this Congress doesn't represent us. There are more than 200 of them under investigation,” he said.

Former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva also took jabs at the possibility of a new president being selected rather than elected. Journalist Juliana Sofia reported that Lula, during a meeting with Workers Party members and lawyers, stated that he prefers to “lose 10 democratic elections than win a single indirect election.”

Brazilians Take to the Streets, Demand Temer Out, New Elections

Embroiled in a series of political scandals that get worse with each passing day, Temer's approval rating has hit virtual rock bottom.

The latest Parana Institute Research poll indicates that 87 percent of Brazilians favor the immediate removal of Temer. Meanwhile, 88 percent support his impeachment, resignation, or removal by the Supreme Court.

In an attempt to purge Temer from power and maintain control of the presidency, Temer's main political party ally, Brazilian Social Democracy Party has suggested colleagues such as Tasso Jereissati, Geraldo Alckmin, and even former Brazilian president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, as suitable replacements.

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