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'Hope Has To Beat Fear' in the Chilean Elections, Bachelet Says

  • Citizens at a rally in favor of the leftist candidate Gabriel Boric, Chile, Dec. 2021.

    Citizens at a rally in favor of the leftist candidate Gabriel Boric, Chile, Dec. 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @pepeillo75

Published 19 December 2021

In her statements to the press after casting her vote, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights repeated the phrase used by Chileans to express their support for Gabriel Boric.

On Sunday, Chile's Former President Michel Bachelet said "hope has to beat fear" after voting for leftist presidential candidate Gabriel Boric.


Chile: Voting Centers Open For Ballot Between Boric And Kast

The current United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights also asked the winner to be "president of all" and "seek dialogue with all sectors to continue building a country in which we can all feel part of it."

"It is important that the country continue to prosper in a positive direction... Chile has had a politically difficult year," Bachelet said after voting in the La Reina neighborhood in Santiago.

After a meeting with candidate Boric held last week, she posted a video stating that "it does matter who to vote for", thus expressing her support for the anti-fascist politician, the only one who can ensure "there is progress for everyone" in Chile.

The tweet reads, "Today in Chile, everyone to vote for a dignified life! We are with you, Gabriel Boric. Today, hope overcomes fear."

Boric, who has the support of Christian Democrats and Socialists, is contesting the Presidency with the far-right lawyer Jose Antonio Kast, who has made explicit his fervent admiration for the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

The support for Boric from the UN official, who was Chilean president in 2006-2010 and 2014-2018, has generated some controversy in her country, where the rightist parties accuse her of political interventionism. "Could anyone think that a former president has no opinion? Could anyone be surprised by what my option is?," Bachelet has replied. 

Chile is holding the run-off election amid the memory of the massive protests that began in Nov. 2019, when millions of citizens took to the streets to demand the end of the neoliberal State enshrined in the Pinochet's constitution.

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