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Hondurans Protest US Support For Honduran Gov't

  • Hondurans Protest US Support For Honduran Gov.

    Hondurans Protest US Support For Honduran Gov. | Photo: Reuters file

Published 22 January 2019

The protesters' objective is to “remove Juan Orlando Hernandez” from power as they believe this is the only road to “peace and good governance.”

Hundreds of Hondurans took to the streets Sunday asking for President Juan Orlando Hernandez to step down, alleging his reelection is illegal and fraudulent.

Honduras: People Migrate Due To an 'Illegitimate Government'

The protest was organized by Accion Ciudadana Contra la Dictadura which is mostly made up of opposition parties.

The President of the Liberal Party of Honduras Luis Zelaya claims the demonstrators only objective is to “remove Juan Orlando Hernandez” from power as they believe this is the only means by which “peace and good governance” can be reinstated in Honduras.

Zelaya also highlighted that poverty affects more than 60 percent of the population or nine million Hondurans, and stemming it is necessary if the country is going to curb immigration, saying “Hondurans are the masters of our own destiny, it is we who have to take actions in benefit of our children and future generations.”

The gathering was held at the U.S. Embassy in the capital city of Tegucigalpa which is symbolic because of U.S. support for Hernandez' government.

The United States recognized Hernandez as the victor of the disputed presidential elections back in 2017, allegedly because he was believed to be able to stem the flow of illegal drugs and migrants to the Texas border—today the Honduran exodus to the U.S. and the president’s links to drug-trafficking highlight the government’s inability to deliver on either front.

The Liberal party called for new demonstrations on Jan. 27.

The elections of 2017 left an illegitimate government, led by Juan Orlando Hernandez, that is linked to drug trafficking, which has caused daily migratory outflows ranging between 300 and 400 Hondurans, according to the Liberal party.

On Jan. 17, between 900 and 1,000 Hondurans gathered at the country's border with Guatemala, waiting to cross en route to the United States, local police chief Jorge Rodriguez told Reuters.

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