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Honduran President to Make Official Visit to China

  • President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro. Jun. 5, 2023.

    President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro. Jun. 5, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@alerprensa

Published 5 June 2023

The opening of diplomatic relations between Honduras and China was announced last March.

Honduran President Xiomara Castro said on Monday that she will make her first official visit to China from June 9-14.

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The president made the announcement on her official Twitter account after the inauguration of the Chinese Embassy in Tegucigalpa, which she did not attend.

¨At the invitation of President Xi Jinping I will visit with special mission¨ the People's Republic of China from June 9 to 14, Castro said and added that ¨the refoundation of Honduras demands new political, scientific, technical, commercial and cultural horizons.¨

For his part, Honduran Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina, who will accompany the President, said that during the official visit to China ¨there will be very good news (...) a series of memorandums, documents and framework agreements will be signed.¨

Historic! The chargé d'affaires of the People's Republic of China in Honduras, Yu Bo, together with Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina, inaugurated today in Tegucigalpa the embassy of that Asian nation. The historic event was attended by the president of the International Relations and Integration Commission of the National Congress, Xiomara Zelaya, and several government officials of President Xiomara Castro. 

The opening of diplomatic relations between Honduras and China was announced last March, after breaking with Taiwan and recognizing the "one China" policy. 

According to the Honduran foreign minister, since then there has been progress, as China has approved the entry of strategic products from Honduras and has also accepted, at the highest level, more than 30 Honduran university students studying in Taiwan, Reina said. 

Honduras' decision of recognizing the Chinese government as the only legitimate government representing all of China led to the closure of the Taiwanese embassy in Tegucigalpa. 

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