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Hillary Clinton's Support Among Non-White Voters is Dwindling

  • Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton | Photo: Reuters

Published 1 April 2016

The mainstream media has not acknowledged the change and overwhelmingly keeps referring to Hillary as a winner among non-white voters. 

Public Policy Polling released a poll Thursday showing that Bernie Sanders is leading among African-American voters in Wisconsin by 11 percentage points.

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This lead is particularly surprising considering that by the end of February Clinton led Sanders among African-American voters by 52 points. Nationally, that margin decreased to only nine points by the end of March.

Black supporters seem to have been doing well in carrying Clinton through the southern states, yet looking at the Midwest and Northeast, the former secretary of state has significantly less support from the Black community.

All of Clinton's wins since March were from states in the South (Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi). But even within those, a decrease in non-white support was visible. She won North Carolina by just 52 to 48 percent and in Florida her initial 36 point margin dwindled down to only 13 points.

Considering the upcoming primary in New York on April 19, a poll by Quinnipiac predicts that Sanders enjoys 300 percent more support among African- Americans in New York than he did in Mississippi.

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Clinton's lead in New York has now decreased from 48 points down to an estimated 12, according to the same poll.

Whereas in Massachusetts, Sanders lost the non-white vote by only 18 points, he actually won it in New Hampshire by 50 to 49 percent.

Last week, Sanders also proved that he can secure victory in diverse states after he won Washington by 45.6 and Hawaii by 39.8 points.

The Vermont senator is currently leading in Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky.

The mainstream media has not acknowledged the change in pattern and overwhelmingly keeps referring to Hillary as a winner among non-white voters.

But while Clinton does indeed maintain a in a number of states, it is crucial to acknowledge that with every passing month her lead is diminishing.

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