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Havana Struck by Devastating Tornado

  • Havana Struck by Devastating Tornado.

    Havana Struck by Devastating Tornado. | Photo: Cubadebate

Published 28 January 2019

Havana was devastated by an intense tornado late Sunday night which made its way from the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico to the western region of the country, Cubadebate reports.



According to Cubadebate, Santo Suárez, Luyanó, Vía Blanca, Regla and Chibás in the capital city Havana were the most affected from a vicious tornado Sunday night. Most of the capital remains in darkness because of power cuts due to strong winds and rain.


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Cubadebate attributes the meteorological event to an extratropical drop that descended from the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico to the western region of the country. It hit the Western region of the country with winds raging at over 100 kilometers per hour.

The White House station recorded winds of 101 kilometers per hour at 8:45 pm on Sunday night. Likewise, meteorological organization Insmet has received reports of the beginning of coastal flooding in the capital, the report concludes.

Insmet spokesman Armando Caymares said that they have received calls from different parts of the city confirming the meteorological phenomenon and that one of its specialists saw the cloud formation of the tornado from the station of White House. The people felt like the sound of a jet propulsion plane and changes in the environmental pressure, explained the specialist.

Caymares further explained that the exact assessment of the damage and intensity of the tornado may be determined on Monday morning from the observations in the field.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel tweeted his support for the victims, confirming that there had been three fatal casualties, with a distressing 172 injured. Canel said he was traveling through those towns affected by the tornado, and was aiding in its restoration.  

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