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Hate Attacks Rising in Europe: Report

  •  Right-wing anti-immigration supporters rally in Cologne, Germany.

    Right-wing anti-immigration supporters rally in Cologne, Germany. | Photo: Reuters

Published 16 September 2016

Europe has been struggling both logistically and culturally to deal with the massive influx of migrants.

Physical and online hate attacks against migrant communities have been increasing around Europe, according to a new report from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.

How the EU Supports Far-Right Vigilantes Attacking Refugees

The human rights organization said that the clear increase in racist attacks as well as legal obstacles was a big problem for migrants communities in Europe, many of whom have fled violence and persecution only to find it in the West.

Many migrants who are victimized by hate attacks are often reluctant to report crimes, as many fear authorities or are afraid that it will affect their migrant status.

The report said there has been an increase of racist comments on social media in Bulgaria and instances of Nazi graffiti in Austria.

Increasing hate attacks were seen in Germany, where on Aug. 31 people were reported injured in 25 attacks targeting refugee and asylum seeker centers.

It comes as the country gears up for expected right-wing protests against migrants in the eastern town of Bautzen, fearing repeats of rioting. On Thursday around 20 refugees and 80 locals clashed, forcing 100 police officers to calm the situation.

Refugee Baby Born on MSF Rescue Ship in Mediterranean  

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently said that she will not be changing her approach to refugees, despite criticism from the country’s right-wing opposition and the anti-immigration party, Alternative for Germany, who have gained rising support.

While anti-immigration sentiment seems to be rising in Europe, more than one-third of Europeans across 12 EU countries sympathize with Syrian refugees coming to Europe, according to Ipsos MORI poll from Friday.

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