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Haitian Mother Names Newborn 'Venezuela' for Doctors Who Helped

  • Venezuelan doctors holding the newborn baby in Haiti named 'Venezuela.'

    Venezuelan doctors holding the newborn baby in Haiti named 'Venezuela.' | Photo: Twitter: @madeleintlSUR

Published 19 October 2016

A woman gave birth and called her baby 'Venezuela' to thank the help of the South American doctors.

A Haitian woman who gave birth with the help of Venezuelan doctors named her newborn ‘Venezuela,’ to thank them for the support they are giving the country after Hurricane Matthew devastated the island

Jeremie, a Haitian City Destroyed by Hurricane Matthew

Two groups of doctors from the Simon Bolivar brigade are attending the most affected areas in Haiti, such as Pico Macaya, west of the country. The Venezuelan government sent a second brigade of 200 doctors Monday to Haiti.

"Go to Haiti and bring love, solidarity, to continue forging the christian feeling of giving your life to save others," said president Nicolas Maduro during a graduation ceremony for new doctors last week in Caracas.

Venezuela has also sent two shipments of humanitarian aid, the first was an airplane with 20 tons of nonperishable food, water, blankets, kitchen utensils, disposable materials, tents, ponchos and medicines.

Last minute Haiti | In the middle of the mountain affected by Matthew, Venezuelan doctors helped in the birth of a baby girl. Her mother called her Venezuela.

Venezuelan doctors arrived at far away places affected by the hurricane.

The governments of Cuba and Venezuela have shown their solidarity with Haiti by sending specialized personnel and humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Venezuela and Cuba Show Solidarity with Haiti After the Hurricane

Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, was particularly affected and has not yet fully recovered from a devastating 2010 earthquake which decimated its infrastructure.

Moreover, there remains the threat of complications like cholera outbreaks or other health crises which have often followed natural disasters on the island. So far seven cases attributed to water contamination with sewage have been already registered. The hurricane left over 870 killed, and more than 2 million affected.

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