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Guyana: Election Report Gives Victory to Government Coalition

  • President David Granger, Georgetown, Guyana, 2020.

    President David Granger, Georgetown, Guyana, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @SlyouMagazine

Published 24 June 2020

David Granger, who has been Guyana's President since 2015, would be reelected for a new term.

Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield Tuesday submitted to Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) chairwoman Claudette Singh a report which argues that President David Granger’s “A Partnership for National Unity” (UNPA+AFC) won the March 2 election.


Guyana: Opposition Demands President Granger Admit Defeat

Previously, in a first report issued in early June, Lowenfield claimed that the initial results, which gave victory to the opposition, did not meet the standard of fair and credible elections.

"More than half of all votes cast for the general election were affected by anomalies, voter impersonation, or ballot boxes without guarantees," Lowenfield said in his first report.

According to Lowenfield's latest report, the UNPA+AFC coalition garnered 171,825 votes compared to 166,343 votes from the opposition Progressive People's Party (PPP).

This means that the government coalition would get 33 seats in the National Assembly, the PPP would have 31, and another multi-party coalition would get 1 seat.

Lowenfield's second report radically changes the political scene since the electoral authorities were expected to ratify the PPP's victory because, in a meeting held on June 17, Singh affirmed that the PPP would get the victory in the vote count.

Her statement took into account the report presented by electoral observers from the Caribbean Community (Caricom). Referring to the vote count, they determined that the latest count could be acceptable even though some irregularity was observed.

Later, in order to confirm the winner of the elections, Singh asked Lowenfield to prepare a report based on the country's electoral regulations.

Then, a citizen named Eslyn David filed a claim with the Court of Appeals to prevent Lowenfield from delivering his report. The Court accepted this demand and thus declared itself with jurisdiction in the electoral dispute, which was rejected by the GEOCOM president who warned that the Court of Appeals was creating judicial chaos.

To prevent the PPP from being declared the winner, the UNPA+AFC coalition supported David’s claim, which held that the count was carried out with irregularities and anomalies.

In response to this action, the PPP announced that it will file an appeal with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) for the decision of the Guyana Court of Appeals to declare jurisdiction in the electoral dispute.

On June 23, the CCJ issued an order that restrains the GEOCOM from declaring the results of the March polls, as reported by local outlet Stabroek News.

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