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  • Presidential candidate Gustavo Petro addresses supporters after being defeated by Ivan Duque in Colombia

    Presidential candidate Gustavo Petro addresses supporters after being defeated by Ivan Duque in Colombia's presidential election, in Bogota, Colombia, June 17, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 17 June 2018

The former candidate obtained eight million votes in the second round of elections in Colombia.

The former presidential candidate for Colombia Humana, Gustavo Petro, said that "there is no defeat" in the second round of elections held on Sunday, in which he obtained a little more than 8 million votes.

"Eight million free Colombians standing," he said in his Twitter account after the election results were known, in which the Uribe candidate Ivan Duque of the Democratic Center won.

From the headquarters of his campaign, Petro indicated that the push for change caused fear in part of the population, which was used by the opposing candidate to spread lies.

"What do we expect from Duque? We accept his triumph, we are not going to ask for ministries or embassies or anything, today we are the opposition to that government that he is going to conform," he said in front of his supporters.

 Colombian Far-Right Candidate Duque Wins Presidential Elections

Likewise, Petro reiterated, along with the eight million voters that he obtained, "we do not agree with obstacles to peace in Colombia, we do not agree with magnates having their taxes reduced."

"Eight million Colombians will not allow Colombia to return to war, we will not return to violence, eight million Colombians standing," he said in reference to the proposal by Ivan Duque, president-elect, to amend the agreement with the FARC, which threatens the peace process in the country, which went through more than half a century of conflict.

"Do not lead Colombian society back to war, backward," Petro told the elected president, saying that corruption in Colombia is wounded and the traditional political class has died.

The former candidate, despite not being happy the idea of returning to the Senate, said he will "to lead a people, a people that must remain active, mobilized."


Gustavo Petro

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