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Grenada: Jobs, Economy Top List of Election Issues

  • Grenadian Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

    Grenadian Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell. | Photo: Reuters

Published 2 March 2018

Forty-five candidates have been nominated for Grenada's parliamentary elections this month

Grenada's main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is calling for a greater focus on jobs, development and the economy ahead of the country's parliamentary elections on March 13. Nazim Burke, the party's leader, says they have nominated a group of “capable, serious, independent-minded” candidates to focus on solving issues in these areas.

Grenada: 45 Candidates Register for Parliamentary Elections

They come from “all walks of life – business, agriculture, government service, trade unions and academia. They are united in the belief that we need to create more jobs and opportunities for our people,” Burke commented. He reiterated that “The NDC is inviting the public — for the first time in Caribbean history — to contribute substantively to the development of positive plans and ideas for the country” and that their campaign manifesto is rooted in ideas and a vision to boost employment, as well as “improving healthcare.”

Forty-five candidates have been nominated for Grenada's parliamentary elections this month. Winners are based on the number of constituencies secured rather than the total of popular votes.

Incumbent Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell could be re-elected if his New National Party, or NNP, wins the general elections. He has said that he's confident the NNP will maintain parliamentary control and he'll regain his office for a second term.

Mitchell scheduled the general election for March 13; a date that holds meaning for many citizens. On that day in 1979, Maurice Bishop led members of the New Jewel Movement (NJM), in a bloodless revolution, which overthrew former Prime Minister Eric Gairy. At the time, Gairy was on an official visit to the United States.

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