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  • Activists take part in the election mobilization exercise.

    Activists take part in the election mobilization exercise. | Photo: AVN

Published 23 November 2015

Almost 2 million supporters tasked with mobilizing their communities to vote took part in the exercise.

Grassroots supporters of Venezuela’s socialist party participated in an electoral simulation to encourage the electorate to vote in upcoming parliamentary elections, Campaign Head Jorge Rodriguez announced on Monday.

Almost 2 million members of the Chavez-Bolivar Battle Units—units of supporters tasked with mobilizing their communities to vote for the Bolivarian parties—took part in the practice on Sunday. Their “One for Ten” strategy aims to recruit ten voters for each member of the 16,000 units.

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“Yesterday, we mobilized 1.8 million people,PSUV campaign head and mayor of Libertador, Rodriguez, told a press conference in Venezuelan capital Caracas.

The official explained that the supporters gained an average of between four and five recruits in the simulation, who committed to voting for the governing PSUV.

For the exercise, members of the Bolivar-Chavez Battle Units rallied around their community, gathering phone numbers, directing them to transport to voting stations and ensuring they knew how to vote for the right candidate.

“This is a great party, a great party which allows us to prepare ourselves for our elections on Dec. 6 and to truly obtain the triumph that the revolution deserves,” Chavez-Bolivar Battle Unit leader, Luz Gazca, told teleSUR.

As well as setting into motion the machinery to mobilize voters, the simulation was also a chance for people to familiarize themselves with the voting system and candidates.

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Jose Gamez, who helps with mobilization for PSUV, told teleSUR that on election day, the unit members even organize transportation for voters to arrive at voting stations.

“(The exercise) helps us to know what we need to plan the routes, how we are going to transport our people and how we are going to travel that day, helping everyone know where to vote,” he said.

On Dec. 6 more than 19 million Venezuelans will be called upon to vote in parliamentary elections to choose 167 legislators.

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