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Published 18 May 2016

"We are the roots of this land and we want our land back," said one Indigenous leader in criticism of the Senate-imposed President Michel Temer.

Brazilian Indigenous groups staged a protest outside presidential offices Tuesday, demanding that the Senate-imposed President Michel Temer set aside land that would be guaranteed protection from large agricultural exploiters.

UN Rapporteur on Indigenous Warns of 'Perfect Storm' in Brazil

Protesters carried a large banner that read "Temer, enough with coups and regression on our rights! Demarcate land now!"

Leila Rocha, spokeswoman for the Guarani Nandeva tribe, told AFP: "We want to speak with Michel Temer about this, because we are suffering a lot in Brazil. We are killed for our land and we don’t get justice. Since we are poor, there is no justice for us."

She said they are calling on the interim president to listen to their demands.

"We are the roots of this land and we want our land back. We were driven out from our traditional lands and they destroyed our forests, our rivers, our fish, our houses,” she said.

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