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Gas Pipeline to be Built From Norway to Poland

  • Denmark authorized the construction of the 'Baltic Pipe' project. Mar. 1, 2022.

    Denmark authorized the construction of the 'Baltic Pipe' project. Mar. 1, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@GotfrydKarol

Published 1 March 2022

Denmark authorized the construction of a gas pipeline from Norway to Poland, intended to reduce dependence on Russian gas.

The "Baltic Pipe" project has been authorized by Denmark's government, allowing the construction of a gas pipeline between Norway and Poland. The main objective is to reduce the dependence on the gas provided by Russia.

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This innovative project would ensure that Poland receives supplies of Norwegian gas through the Baltic Sea. The new pipeline is expected to transport about 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. Energinet, Danish energy infrastructure manager, announced that environmental permission had been granted to carry out the project on Tuesday.

Given environmental concerns, the authorities rejected last year's request for the undersea gas pipeline. "Energinet can start construction work on the parts of the project in East Jutland and on West Funen that have been on hiatus since May 2021," said Energinet through a statement.

"We are very busy taking into account nature and wildlife in connection with the construction of the Baltic Pipe," said Søren Juul Larsen, the leading project manager referring to the rising concerns about the Danish pipeline on protected animal species. "I am glad that we have received an environmental permit that thoroughly describes the considerations we will take into account, among other things, the protected animal species in the areas we pass through."

It is expected that the pipeline to be fully operational by 1 January 2023. The EU has granted 215 million dollars as the fund for the Baltic Pipe Project, supporting as well Poland to supply gas to the Danish market.

Poland announced in 2019 that it would not extend the contract with the Russian giant Gazprom.

Aimed the recent Russian military actions in Ukraine, last week, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project was suspended by Germany, which connects its territory to Russia via the Baltic Sea.

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