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Fujimori’s Defense Attorney: His Release to Be Decided in April

  • The IACHR will look at the Fujimori ruling by April 6. March. 31, 2022.

    The IACHR will look at the Fujimori ruling by April 6. March. 31, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@globovision

Published 31 March 2022

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) will decide on Fujimori's release in April.  

According to Cesar Nakazaki, Former President Alberto Fujimori's defense attorney, it is possible that the ex-president will not be released from prison until April 6, when the IACHR will decide on the matter.

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Cesar Nakazaki said that next Friday, a discussion will be held by the IACHR to decide if the execution of the judgment of the Peruvian Constitutional Court should be adjourned until the hearing planned for the future date. 

The official said that on April 6, it would be evaluated whether the Constitutional Court's ruling infringes on what the Inter-American Court determined in its last supervisory proceeding.

Referring to the order given by the IACHR back in 2018 in which it asked the Peruvian State to determine through a constitutional protection process and with the intervention of doctors whether Fujimori has medical conditions that justify the concession of a humanitarian pardon, Nakasaki said that the entity would be surprised to note that the Peruvian State did not do what was requested. 

Former president Alberto Fujimori's lawyer, César Nakazaki, commented on the Inter-American Court of Human Rights' request to the Peruvian State to temporarily suspend the release of former president Alberto Fujimori.

The only question the international court can point to is if what was ordered in 2018 was fulfilled, the defense lawyer said, stating that the order has not been fulfilled to this day in the face of an accumulation of mistakes. "I hope the Court says: do what we ordered in 2018", he added. 

Nakazaki also said that Fujimori is now in a worse state of health, noting that he needs oxygen all day. In this regard, the lawyer said that his client's health problems were why he was granted a pardon in 2017.  

Last Wednesday, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights demanded that the Peruvian State abstain from freeing Fujimori. 


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