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France: Macron Evacuated From Parisian Theater Due to Protests

  • President Emmanuel Macron at the Air Base 123 in Boulay-les-Barres, France, Jan. 16, 2020.

    President Emmanuel Macron at the Air Base 123 in Boulay-les-Barres, France, Jan. 16, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 18 January 2020

Outraged citizens attempted to enter the building where the French President was attending a play.

French citizens tried to enter the Des Bouffes du Nord Theater in Paris to protest against President Emmanuel Macron who was attending the performance of "La Mouche" on Friday evening.


Operation 'Dead Ports' Makes Macron Feel the Workers' Strength

While secret service and police agents managed to prevent Yellow Vest activists from entering the theater, hundreds of protesters remained around the building chanting slogans against pension reform and shouting for Macron's resignation.

Fearing that the situation would get out of control, the French president had to leave the theater escorted by his security team.

Journalist Taha Bouhafs, who alerted citizens about Macron's presence in the theater, was arrested during the incidents. Near the end of the performance of La Mouche, however, the President and his wife returned to the theater.

The discontent of the French over Macron's pension reform has also been displayed in other similar incidents.

On Thursday, the boos of hundreds of protesters forced the Secretary for Gender Equality Marlene Schiappa to leave a restaurant in which she was discussing with other politicians her candidacy for the 14th District of Paris municipal elections.

Dozens of outraged Parisians entered on Friday the headquarters of the French Confederation of Workers (CFDT), a union that has been severely criticized for supporting the Macron administration's pension reform proposal.

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