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Five Dead, 21 Wounded, Suspect Killed in Texas Shooting

  • Movie goers evacuated from Odessa, TX theater after mass shooting ends at facility Aug. 31, 2019

    Movie goers evacuated from Odessa, TX theater after mass shooting ends at facility Aug. 31, 2019 | Photo: Reuters

Published 31 August 2019

At least five people killed Saturday and another 21 injured in another mass-shooting in western Texas. 

At least five people died Saturday and another 21 were injured in a shooting in western Texas  where the alleged assailant was subsequently shot by the police. 


El Paso Mass Shooting, A Terror Act: Mexican Foreign Minister

Odessa, Texas Police Chief Michael Gerke said in a press conference that the assailant shot at his victims from a moving vehicle. The chief added that the suspect was a white male around thirty years old. Authorities say they have ruled out that there was a second attacker, as they initially reported. 

Gerke said the shooter’s motives for the violent attack are still unknown, reporting as well that at least three officers were among the injured. 

The Midland, Texas Police Department said on its website that the alleged perpetrator was shot and killed by arms fired in Cinergy, a multi-movie theater located in Odessa.

The incident began at 3:00 p.m. local time when an officer stopped a Honda car and its driver fired at the police officer. He then proceeded to go to Odessa where the assailant again opened fire on another person and headed to 42nd Street, where, according to Gerke, "there were multiple victims." 

Then the suspect left the Honda, stole a mail delivery truck, kept shooting and produced more victims. 

The yet-to-be-identified attacker drove eastward toward the movie theater where he exchanged shots with the police that resulted in the death of the attacker. 

CNN has aired a video recorded by a witness at the time the suspect was shot by police in the theater complex.

United States President Donald Trump tweeted that he had been informed of the incident by Attorney General Willial Barr. 

Earlier this month, El Paso, Texas was the scene of the largest racist attack against the Latino community in the U.S. when 22 people, eight of them Mexican, where shot and killed by Patrick Crusius.

Hours later, another shooting was reported in Dayton, Ohio that resulted in nine deaths.

These shootings have revived the debate over the need to tighten arms controls and sales in the U.S., where Congress has not passed a law that significantly limits the gun possession, largely due to the influence and money power of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

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