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Finland, Sweden and Türkiye Share Concerns on NATO Admissions

  • NATO's Secretary-General discussed Monday Sweden and Finland's membership. Jun. 20, 2022.

    NATO's Secretary-General discussed Monday Sweden and Finland's membership. Jun. 20, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@FinancialTimes

Published 20 June 2022

On Monday, Finnish, Swedish and Türkish representatives held a meeting with NATO Secretary-General on the bloc's entry applications.

Brussels hosted Monday the session celebrated between Senior officials from Turkey, Finland, and Sweden, and the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg intended to discuss Ankara's security concerns on the North Atlantic Organization's management of entry applications.

NATO Assessing Issues Regarding Finland and Sweden’s Bids

According to a statement released on the alliance's website, the parties discussed "the security concerns raised by Türkiye in order to make progress on the NATO membership applications by Finland and Sweden."

The report indicates that Stoltenberg considers the session held at the NATO headquarters a "constructive" meeting. NATO's top official said, "Finland and Sweden's accession to NATO would make the Alliance stronger."

He continued to say that "Türkiye has legitimate security concerns over terrorism that we need to address." The statement recalled that discussions would continue in the coming days.

Last May 18, Axel Vernhoff, Swedish Ambassador, and his Finnish counterpart officialized their countries' NATO membership applications, which were handed to Secretary General Stoltenberg.

On the same day, the Türkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country would block both nations' applications unless their stance on "terrorist" organizations is reviewed, such as the Kurdistan Workers' Party, an accusation disputed by Kurdish organizations.

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