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Final Arrangements for Presidential Elections in Syria in Place

  • "12,102 polling stations have been set up in all cities and regions of the country", said Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad al-Rahmoun referring to the Syrian presidential elections to be held Wednesday. | Photo: Twitter @NewsLatinPress

Published 25 May 2021

More than 18,000,000 voters are summoned. Hundreds of localities in areas liberated from terrorist groups have been incorporated.

Syrian Interior Minister Mohamad al-Rahmoun said Tuesday that Syria had completed preparations for its presidential elections. A total of 18,107,109 citizens inside and outside the country have been summoned to cast their votes.


Over 18 Million Syrians to Vote in Presidential Elections

During a press conference in which details of the election, scheduled for Wednesday, were discussed, the official said that "12,102 polling stations have been set up in all cities and regions of the country". He added that the rural area of Damascus has the most polling stations nationwide, with about 2,000 polling stations, followed by the city of Damascus with 1,870.

He recalled that Syrians living abroad voted on May 20 and that the total number of voters includes citizens living in areas of the country that, as is the case with the northwest, are controlled by armed terrorist groups that oppose the government and, after a decade of conflict, will not allow them to vote.

Al Rahmoun added that, within the logistics, each voting center incorporates devices to detect voter cards that could be falsified. In addition, voting will follow sanitary protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

During the meeting with the media, a member of the Supreme Judicial Committee for Elections, Heba Seif al-Din, pointed out that the committee in charge of each polling center will open the ballot boxes before voting begins so that electoral actors and representatives of political forces can make sure they are empty. "Then they are closed and cannot be opened until the counting of votes begins," she explained.

The official insisted on the need for each voter to present his/her identity document before receiving a sealed envelope signed by the head of the polling station committee. He/she will be able to access a private room to deposit the ballot.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Information, Imad Sarah, inaugurated the press center, which provides services to all the journalists and representatives of national and international media accredited to cover the event. Sarah informed that so far, 125 foreign journalists have been approved to enter the country, in addition to 165 accredited correspondents from 65 media outlets.

It was also reported that during the last hours, at the invitation of the People's Assembly of this nation, parliamentarians from Iraq, Iran, Russia, Belarus, and other nations arrived in Syria.

The candidates for the elections to elect the President of the country for the next seven years are the former Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Abdullah Salloum Abdullah, the opposition leader, Mahmud Marai, and the current President Bashar al Assad.

These elections are taking place in a secure environment, following the liberation of large areas of Syria from terrorism and the inclusion in the elections of hundreds of localities previously under the control of radical extremists.

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