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Fernandez Uses Public Works to Reactivate the Argentine Economy

  • Workers at a Great Argentina's project site.

    Workers at a Great Argentina's project site. | Photo: Twitter/ @gkatopodis

Published 18 July 2022

Among the public works announced are the Norpatagonico Hospital in Neuquen and a highway between Tucuman and Santiago del Estero.

On Monday, Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez announced the start of seven new infrastructure construction works to reactivate the economy in the short term and asked citizens to show solidarity in complex times.


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"We have to work hard every day without giving up. Meanwhile, public works will be the engine of the economy," he said during a ceremony in which Public Works Minister Gabriel Katopodis also participated.

"I know that we are going through complex times and that we have to adjust some numbers in the public accounts. However, this will not be done at the cost of stopping public works or housing construction."

Fernandez also announced that US$6.4 billion will be allocated for 120 works under the "Great Argentina" plan, which is already executing 5,000 projects related to roads, sanitation facilities, and water infrastructure.

Among the public works announced are the construction of a highway between the provinces of Tucuman and Santiago del Estero, the adaptation of the Caracoles Tunnel in Mendoza, the construction of a new building for the Norpatagonico Hospital in the province of Neuquen.

Fernandez also confirmed the completion of works on the Rio Hondo Dam in the province of Catamarca, the continuation of works on the Buenos Aires - La Plata highway, and the start of works on the Rosario de la Frontera - Meta highway in the province of Salta. During the event, the Argentine president also strongly criticized speculators who are hoarding foreign currency and propitiating an increase in the value of the U.S. dollar.

"We want to sow solidarity, production, and work. We want an Argentina inserted in the world with the dignity of being a sovereign country. We build a great homeland because everyone deserves a better life," he said, alluding to the actions of business groups.

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