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Fernandez Renews Commitment to Fighting Poverty in Argentina

  • Newly elected President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez waves to a crowd in Buenos Aires.

    Newly elected President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez waves to a crowd in Buenos Aires. | Photo: Notimérica

Published 1 March 2020

In his speech at the opening session of the Argentinian Congress, the president presented a series of achievements of his management, which began last December 10.

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, renewed on Sunday his government's fight against poverty and unemployment so that they can rebuild the income of those who have less, in addition to strengthening policies to protect wome , in particular he announced that he will send a project to legalize abortion.


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In his speech at the opening of ordinary sessions of the Congress of Argentina, the President presented a series of achievements of his administration, which began last December 10 and advanced the next steps that his Government will take in social, economic, financial, judicial matters and foreign policy.

Fernández presented a negative diagnosis on the inheritance he received from the government of Mauricio Macri, tracing a "dramatic, destructive" situation on the economy and the National State.

In that sense, he highlighted the enormous challenges facing his administration for this year 2020 and the effort they will make in his Government to strengthen social rights and move forward in recovering the economy.   

He proposed measures to reform the judicial system in several areas aimed at improving and strengthening the delivery of justice in an impartial manner. 

The head of state also ruled in favor of tightening security policies in order to deal with organized crime and drug trafficking effectively.

On the social issue, Fernández stressed that "we have found an extremely delicate situation, we receive a country damaged in its social and productive fabric."

"We must stop the fall of Argentines in poverty, reassure the economy, recover work and rebuild the income of those who have less," he said

"The fight against our hunger is a priority because eating cannot be a privilege," said the president, adding that "That prices stop growing in Argentina is everyone's responsibility."

Fernández announced that he will send to Congress a bill to legalize abortion, along with an initiative to give assistance to two low-income women who decide to give birth to their children for two years.

"Within the next ten days I will present a bill for voluntary termination of pregnancy," Fernandez said.

A project to legalize abortion had already been discussed in 2018, during the Government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), when the Chamber of Deputies endorsed it but the Senate rejected it, amid massive mobilizations for and against the initiative.

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