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Fatalities in Venezuela’s Opposition Strike

  • Opposition demonstrators clash with police as part of a national strike.

    Opposition demonstrators clash with police as part of a national strike. | Photo: Reuters

Published 20 July 2017

At least three people have reportedly died in the violent protests.

Three people in Venezuela were reportedly killed during violent opposition protests called as part of a national strike against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

A Tale of Two Cities as Opposition 'Strike' Begins

Andres Uzcategui, 23, died in clashes in the La Isabelica neighborhood of Valencia, in Carabobo. One report says he was preparing to fire a home-made mortar at members of the National Guard when it exploded in his hands.

Ronny Tejera, 24, was killed in a protest in Santa Eulalia de Los Teques. Initial reports indicate there was shooting after a group of people tried to get around an opposition roadblock. Tejera died and three others were injured.

Both of these incidents are being investigated by the Attorney General's office.

At least one other person was killed in a blaze at the Housing Ministry in the state of Zulia, reported Housing Minister Manuel Quevedo.

According to Quevedo, a group of 100 men surrounded the building and set it on fire. Some reports say the man who died was one of the attackers who became trapped by the flames and jumped from the building. A number of injuries were also reported in this incident.

"Another terrorist attack. One of the attackers died and two were injured."

Interior Minister Nestor Reverol also announced that two members of the Bolivarian National Guard had been shot in the violent protests and remain in a critical condition.

to Venezuelan Opposition: "Violence Is a Dead-End Road"

There were reports of a man being set on fire after being hit by an explosive thrown from a rooftop. He suffered burns over 27 percent of his body. Another man was injured when his neck was caught on an opposition wire that blocked the road as he rode his motorcycle. Both men were transferred to hospitals.

In another incident, a police post was set on fire across the street from the state television station VTV, which received threats that led to the evacuation of its nursery in order to keep the children safe.

In the state of Lara, an opposition group surrounded the state-owned milk company Lacteos Los Andes and tried to explode its gas tank.

As night fell in Caracas, there were continued reports of sporadic shooting in the opposition-dominated east of the city.

The escalating violence comes ahead of elections for Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly on July 30. 

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