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Family Of Murdered Mexican Activist Takes Refuge In The US

  • Activist Salvador Catalan, Mexico.

    Activist Salvador Catalan, Mexico. | Photo: Twitter/ @lasillarota

Published 16 May 2022

"I do not come to the United States for pleasure. In fact, I feel sad, but this was the only way to save my children," his widow Enedina Catalan said. 

On Monday, the family of Mexican professor and activist Salvador Catalan, whom armed gang members murdered along with one of his children in the state of Guerrero in December 2021, confirmed that they took political haven in the United States.


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After several failed attempts to enter the United States through the Tijuana border, the family entered this country through the San Ysidro gate in California on March 14.

"I do not come to the U.S. for pleasure. In fact, I feel sad, but this was the only way to save my children," Salvador’s widow Enedina Catalan said and thanked the Border Angels and NGO Chaparral Humanitarian Alliance for working to ensure her family’s reception in the U.S.

Salvador Catalan coordinated the Community Surveillance against Organized Crime (CSAOC) in the Tierra Caliente neighborhood when he was killed along his 16-year-old son.

"After finding my husband and one of my sons quartered in plastic bags, members of armed gangs began sending messages to the rest of my children claiming they were going to meet the same fate soon. So, we had no option but to flee," Enedina stated.

"Now, I only ask God that there be justice for my husband and my son," she added. According to the Mexican government, some 22 armed groups dedicated to drug trafficking activities currently vie for territorial control of the Guerrero state.

The NGO International Crisis Group, however, argues that  at least 40 criminal groups operate in this state, including the Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), the Michoacan Family, and the Knights Templar cartels, which are the most active in the Tierra Caliente area.

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