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  • Keiko Fujimori (c) and his brother Kenji (L).

    Keiko Fujimori (c) and his brother Kenji (L). | Photo: EFE

Published 6 June 2016

The children of former dictator Alberto Fujimori were supposed to be political allies in what could be the return of the Fujimori family to power.

Kenji Fujimori, president of Peru’s Congress and the younger brother of presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, didn’t vote in Sunday’s presidential runoff, spurring rumors of a possible squabble with his sister.

​Kuczynski Clings to Tiny Lead over Fujimori in Peru

The children of former dictator Alberto Fujimori were together on Monday at a breakfast hosted by Keiko, who like millions of Peruvians is still awaiting to hear the outcome of the contested election in which her rival, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, holds a slim lead of 1 percentage point .

Local press asked Kenji if he and his sister had become somewhat distant. The congressman explained that there were no problems and that his absence in the elections was due to commitments outside the capital of Lima, where he resides.

Both siblings are leaders of the conservative Popular Force Party, which has a majority in Congress and represents the policies and the political ideology of their father Alberto Fujimori.

Local press has reported that the absence of Kenji from his sister’s campaign was quite noticeable and apparently all due to a fight for power.

Keiko Fujimori Can't Hide from Her Father's Brutal Past

In a bid to gain votes, Keiko has tried at all costs to disassociate herself from her father's dark legacy and declared that no Fujimoris would run for the presidency in 2021. But Kenji contradicted her sister and declared that the decision to run or not for president was his.

The jockeying for power between the two siblings has generated a division inside “fujimorismo,” according to analysts.

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