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Facebook Removes Foreign Pro-Trump Troll Farms

  • Visual representation of several social networks, 2020

    Visual representation of several social networks, 2020 | Photo: EFE

Published 7 August 2020

They tried to position messages favorable to the candidate by using accounts such as "Black People Vote For Trump."

Facebook and Instagram Thursday took action to prevent their platforms from being used by U.S. President Donald Trump's supporters to promote his reelection campaign.


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A Romania-based troll farm pushed pro-Trump content under the names of “Black People Vote For Trump” on Instagram and “We Love Our President” on Facebook.

The content published in those fake accounts and pages was allegedly managed by U.S. citizens who were supporting the Republican presidential candidate.

There is a strategic purpose for these actions, which is pretended to "manipulate public debate," Facebook's Cybersecurity Policy Director Nathaniel Gleicher said.

“We are attacking a part of the problem that represents a challenge for the whole of society. It is increasingly clear that one organization cannot do it alone," he said.

In July, in accordance with their own security standards, Facebook and Instagram removed over 1,000 accounts from their platforms because they did not seem "authentic."

The pro-Trump trolls' accounts were followed by about 1,600 people on Facebook and about 7,200 users on Instagram.

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