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  • Jesus Santrich seen emerging from prison in a wheelchair with reports of injuries

    Jesus Santrich seen emerging from prison in a wheelchair with reports of injuries | Photo: teleSUR

Published 17 May 2019 (47 minutes ago)

FARC leader Jesus Santrich had been freed today after being detained in Colombia since 2018.

Leader of the Alternative Revolutionary Force of the Commons (FARC) Seuxis Paucias Hernandez Solarte, better known as Jesus Santrich, has been re-arrested by Colombia's ESMAD forces two minutes after being released from the La Picota prison in Bogota, Colombia. New charges were read out to him and a helicopter arrived to take him to the Attorney General's office.


Colombia: FARC's Jesus Santrich Injured, Unable to Leave Prison

Officials from the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Prosecutor's Office went to the site to proceed with the recapture of the FARC, who left the premises in a wheelchair. Santrich's defense team reported the new charges were committing alleged drug trafficking conspiracy. 

Santrich was captured on April 9, 2018, in Bogota after a New York court issued a warrant for his extradition to the United States.  Authorities there accused the politician and signatory of the 2016 Colombian Peace Accords between the FARC and the government, of drug-trafficking connected to the Sinaloa cartel.

Santrich had been ordered by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) to be immediately released Wednesday. The order was not carried out because prison officials refused to comply and rebuffing Santrich's lawyers.

Santrich's defense filed a writ of habeas corpus before the Superior Court of Bogota asking for the release of the FARC, an order intended to compel immediate compliance with the JEP. 

Friday afternoon they reported that Santrich was seriously injured inside the facilities of the La Picota prison and indicated that the ambulance sent to treat him took more than 25 minutes to arrive.

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